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Home Punching and stapling Professional machines for punching and stapling FP III 60 NT LS - for one hole punch, up to 620 pages

FP III 60 NT LS - for one hole punch, up to 620 pages

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Semi - automatic punchine machine with high capacity

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Kind of a machine: Electrical semi-automatic punching machine for 1 hole
Capacity of punching: Up to 620 pages 80 gr./m2
Possible drill bits: Special drillbits from 3 mm. up to 14 mm. and different lengths for different amount of pages to be punched
Length of the punching hole From the end of the sheet: 5 - 60 mm.
Maximum size of the media: 420 mm.
Working table: - Movable working table: 460 х 300 mm.
- The working table can be programmed with 6 standard programs and one optional by your own design and size.
Additional information: - Resizer for central positioning of the media: up to 380 mm.
- Special mechanism for pushing the paper
- Regulatable pressure between thedrill bit and the pad
- Specialized motor with rotation of the drill bit - 650 rotations/min.